Best Budget Bike Lights For Night Riding

Finding the best bike lights for night riding has almost become an annual quest here at SDG HQ!

If, like us, you enjoy an exhilarating night ride, then first and foremost you need a decent and affordable bike night light for riding in the dark.

Safety is paramount when riding at night. A bright, sturdy bike light is in the top four for night ride safety, along with the type of helmet you choose to wear, your phone and of course, riding in a group.

It goes without saying that if you can’t see where you’re going, your chances of having an accident are greatly increased! And if you aren’t wearing a helmet, you should not be riding at all.

If you haven’t got your phone, and no one else in the group does, getting help if someone does have an accident will take much longer, with a potentially worse outcome.

Which Bike Night Light Is Best?

So, what bike night light is best suited to your needs? There are so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We have narrowed it down to three of the best nightlights available, in no particular order.

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Evolva Rechargeable Headlight

We’ll start with the Evolva Future Technology Rechargeable Headlight. While it’s the priciest of our top choices, it certainly packs a punch. With 1800 lumens and almost 3 hours of run time on the brightest setting, this is certainly one the better lights on the market.

It sports a quick release mechanism, so you can use it as a hand held flashlight too. The mount also fits most handlebars (18 – 32mm). Another great feature is the rechargeable battery, which is usb compatible, so you can charge it in your car (if you have usb ports in the car), with a portable power bank, usb plug or on your pc or laptop.

Finally, it comes with a “full light” 3 year warranty for peace of mind, which is great if you run into problems with this particular light.

The reviews also speak for themselves, and there is a lot of helpful info in the reviews if you want to learn more. You can read the 5 star reviews here.

There are a few one star reviews, which I always find useful to read when making my final decision, you can read the one star reviews here.

The main issue I read in the negative review section, is that the product stopped working after a short period of time. This is useful info when weighed up against the 5 star reviews and may be a tipping point for you.

Topside Bright Helmet Light

Which brings me to our next top seller, the Topside Bright Bike Helmet Light. This Bike Night Light is almost half the price of the Evolva and has slightly better reviews too. It also boasts 43 hours of run time, is waterproof and has a USB compatible recharegeable battery.

With both flash and constant light modes, and weighing in at only 68 grams, this is a great night ride light option.

You can also mount this light to your handlebars, not just your helmet and it includes clips and straps. Perfect for road cyclists, mountain bikers and kids.

As always, it’s a good idea to read through some of the reviews to get an idea of whether or not this is the light for you. Read the Topside reviews here.

TEMINICE USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The Terminice is a very popular bike night light and is very well priced too. It boasts 8 hours of runtime with 400 lumens, just 2 hours to charge and comes with a free tail light.

What we really like about this is that the light beam is low, so it doesn’t blind oncoming traffic, runners or walkers. The low light beam also means that any oncoming traffic is visible to you just above the low light beam.

The front and rear led lights are said to fit all bikes, including mountain bikes and road bikes.

The front light can also be used as a flashlight, and can also be mounted to your mower, stroller or scooter to mention but a few other uses.

It has a quick install and detach mechanism, and it also is waterproof.

Another bonus is the four light mode on the headlight. You can choose from full brightness, half brightness, fast flash and slow flashing modes. The tail light also features constant and flicker modes.

The Terminice bike light also features the highest number of 5 star reviews, which you can read here.

Best Bike Lights Conclusion

The Bike night light you choose will depend entirely on your individual needs and preferences.

After closely reviewing the three above, our top choice would be the Teminice. It is very good value for money, it has lots of options and variations and is extremely user friendly.

The only downside in our opinion is the low number of lumens (only 400), compared to the Evolva, which has a whopping 1800 lumens!

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