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How To Apply Mountain Bike Stickers

This video shows you how to apply Mountain Bike Stickers using the wet method. Before you start, make sure you have everything ready to go and that the bike frame itself is not cold. (Read why below the video…it’s important!) 

So, make sure you clean the surface area you are applying the sticker to thoroughly, BEFORE you do anything else. Use a good alcohol cleaner or even better, use White Spirits. If there’s even the tiniest bit of dirt, silicon spray, grease or oil on the surface, the stickers will not stick.

For the spray mixture you are going to spray onto the sticker and frame during the application process, you will need a clean spray bottle and a sopay water based mixture. To make this mixture, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to roughly a litre of filtered water (preferably) and put it into the spray bottle.

Watch The Video:

PLEASE NOTE: Stickers do not like cold surfaces.  If it’s winter, do not attempt to apply your stickers to your bike in a garage or shed, unless the room is warm or the bike is inside the house in a warm room.

For best results, gently warm up the surface area you are applying the sticker to, with a heat gun or hair-dryer, before applying the stickers. Once the surface is warm, apply the stickers to the warm surface. Leave in a warm room for 24 hours afterwards so the glue sets properly and you avoid potential edge lifting. Happy application!