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How To Apply Rear Shock Bike Stickers Using A Hairdryer Or Heatgun

This video shows you how to apply rear shock mountain biking stickers using what we call the dry method. This is done with a hairdryer or heat gun.

The video shows you how to do so with step by step on screen instructions. Just pause where you need to and then play when you’re ready to move onto the next step.

If you prefer to apply your stickers using the wet method, click here for our instructional video on applying mountain bike stickers using the wet method.

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How To Install Vinyl Bike Stickers Using The Wet Method

Lots of people ask me how to install their mountain bike stickers using soapy water aka the wet method.

I’ve made this detailed, step by step video, so you can use the wet method too. It’s definitely my favourite way to get the best results when applying stickers.

In the above video, I am applying overlaminated stickers to a Specialized Kenevo battery and then overlaying the battery stickers with a heavy duty, 300micron, clear battery protection sticker using the same wet method.

This method can be used with almost all vinyl sticker applications.


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