How To Fit Bicycle Rim Stickers – Dry Fit

Learn how to fit rim stickers using this dry method for optimal sticker application.

In this video tutorial, we will be fitting bicycle rim stickers using the dry method, on a throughly clean bike surface.

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You will need:

Please make sure you thoroughly CLEAN the surface area you are applying the sticker to! The sticker will not stick if there’s even the tiniest bit of dirt, silicon spray, grease or oil on the surface.

Use a good ALCOHOL CLEANER as detailed above. (Isopropanol IPA)

Watch the Video

PLEASE NOTE: Stickers do not like sticking to COLD surfaces. If it is Autumn or Winter and the temperature outside is cool, move your bike inside to a warm room.

Gently warm up the surface area you are applying the sticker to with a heat gun or hair-dryer before applying the stickers.

Once the surface is warm (21-29°C) 70-84°F, then apply the stickers to the warm surface.
Leave in a warm room for 24 hours for the glue to set.

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